Everyone has a financial goal, whether it is to pay off your mortgage, build an investment portfolio, protect your wealth, or save enough for early retirement. At DRB Financial Advisers our goal is to provide you with financial and investment strategies that will help you reach your goals and achieve financial success – and we have a skilled and experienced team of Advisers to do just that.

We care about our clients and in order to develop a financial strategy that meets your business, family, lifestyle and personal goals, we need to get to know you. We take the time to understand you and your financial goals – then work with you to design the best strategy to help you achieve them.

Financial Advice Philosophy

DRB Financial Advisers is a leading provider of financial and investment advice in Wollongong.

Our philosophy begins with the belief that clients have worked very hard for their money, and when that money is managed and invested well – it can grow and provide our clients with certainty about their financial futures and the freedom to pursue their passions. Our approach is base around 4 principles: focus on the long-term; understand risks; be prudent; and be realistic.

We aim to establish a long-term relationship with you. We provide ongoing reviews of your financial affairs and investment strategies: not just in light of prevailing market and economic conditions, but also taking into consideration any changes in personal, family or business circumstances.

We also work with your other professional providers such as solicitors and accountants to ensure your individually tailored plan meets your needs.

Financial advice is provided in a written advice document. This will typically include strategies relating to:

Wealth Creation

We believe that building your wealth is all about putting long-term strategies in place to make the most of your finances. It’s about looking at all aspects of your lifestyle, goals, and requirements and developing realistic strategies to suit. Your wealth creation strategy may focus on multiple areas including personal cash-flow management, management of your superannuation, creating and growing an investment portfolio, and advice on investment ownership structures.

Personal Insurance

Protecting your assets is a sensible foundation when planning your finances. We can provide you with advice from the level and type of insurances that you may require including Income Protection, Life, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Trauma insurance through to assisting with the application process and any insurance claims. We can also provide advice on Insurance Policy ownership as this can be an important element of cash-flow management and tax planning.

Retirement Planning

An appropriate financial plan can make a huge difference to your retirement years. Planning for such things as retirement income needs, lifestyle requirements (e.g. holidays, renovations), pension eligibility, accessing schemes such as Downsizing Contributions and of course Estate Planning – can provide you with the ability to enter your retirement years with confidence.


For many people Superannuation will be their second largest asset behind the family home. DRB Financial Advisers can work with you to ensure your Superannuation is being managed and invested in the most effective way. And of course, many clients are also interested in having greater investment choices with their superannuation including the purchase of direct property. We can provide you with advice on establishing and operating a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and assist with the management and investment of your funds’ assets.

Estate Planning

If you have assets, then you need to consider what the right estate plan is for you. Our Financial Advisers can work with your solicitor to design a comprehensive plan to transfer your wealth to your beneficiaries in the most tax effective way while ensuring your wealth is protected from ending up in the wrong hands.

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