DRB Sports Management’s mission is a simple one. Our professional sports management services are designed to help athletes better achieve their goals. We help secure sponsorship, marketing opportunities, brand partnerships, and more. 

We are different. We offer a professional, full-time sports management service that places our clients first. We offer a comprehensive range of modern sports management services that add real value to our athlete’s sporting career. We are a player-centric sports agency with in-house expertise to offer a range of additional services, including accounting, business, and financial services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients and their sports career path.

Contract negotiation

DRB Sports Management company is responsible for developing, negotiating, and administering sporting contracts for the athlete as well as other income-producing contracts with corporate brand partners for the benefit of the athlete, including endorsements and sponsorship.

Our team are specialised in contract negotiations ensuring the athlete’s earning potential is fully maximised during his or her professional employment. Contracts can be complicated and DRB Sports Management is ready to provide clear advice to make sure the contract will be agreed upon and an accurate reflection of the athlete’s career goals.

Sports Media Management Services

DRB Sports Management team will be responsible for the creation and management of PR opportunities using media contacts to enhance the profile of the athlete. We will assist with public speaking and communication programs.

With our help, athletes will be able to shape and build their profiles allowing the opportunity to forge strategic partnerships with leading brands in the sports business and many other industries.

Mentoring / Career planning

Retirement is inevitable and often extremely difficult to manage if athletes are not prepared enough or have not planned for such an event to happen. With DRB’s cost-effective sports management service and risk management plan, athletes are provided with mentoring and guidance to further enhance the development of their career.

Our mentoring services include advice on event selection, sponsor selection, advisers selection, and post-career planning. All these to prepare professional athletes with the best possible post-career life in the future.

Fitness and Performance Mentoring (as needs basis only)

Will help source the development of fitness programs directly related to your sport, as well as dietary and nutritional needs. We can also help with performance mentoring and sports psychology services (at cost).

Our team of experts will create a variety of programs tailored to athletes’ speed, strength and fitness, keeping the training focused on the goal and ahead of the competition.