DRB Sports Management’s mission is a simple one. By using our services the sporting, financial and personal lives of our clients will be vastly improved.

We are different. We offer a professional, full-time management service that places our clients first and offers a comprehensive range of modern sports management services. We have the in-house expertise to offer a range of additional services including accounting, business and financial services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

Contract negotiation

DRB Sports Management is responsible for developing, negotiating and administering sporting contracts for the athlete as well as other income producing contracts for the benefit of the athlete; including endorsements and sponsorships.

Media Management Services

Will be responsible for the creation and management of PR opportunities using media contacts to enhance the profile of the athlete. They will also provide assistance with public Speaking and communication programs.

Mentoring / Career planning

Will provide mentoring to further enhance the development of the athletes careers: in regards to event selection, sponsor selection, advisers selection and also post career planning.

Fitness and Performance Mentoring (as needs basis only)

Will help source the development of fitness programs directly related to your sport, as well as dietary and nutritional needs. We can also help with performance mentoring and sports psychology services (at cost).